Wine and cheese is always an excellent combination. In the Liège area we visited some great wine and cheese producers producing biologically dynamic wine and organic cheese. Oops, there’s chocolate too. Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is.

Vineyard Domaine Septem Triones in Chaudfontaine

Domaine Septem Triones bio dynamic wine organic liege

There are about 1,550 hours of sunshine in the Liège area per year. With the hours of sunshine, the grape plants have to produce enough sweet grapes for the biologically dynamic wine of Domaine Septem Triones. Jean Galler has tested over 30 grapes with his daughter, Justine, in recent years. The first test harvest was in 2011. After a visit to the vineyard, we taste the grapes.

Domaine Septem Triones bio dynamic wine

The Pinot Blanc is my favourite. The cabernet franc is nice too. What a surprise…we taste not only wine but together with chocolates – the purest with Grenache filling. It’s a mouth-watering combination. Beside the vineyard being Jean’s boyhood dream, he is also the man behind the delicious chocolate, Galler. If you are up to 10 or more people in a group, you can visit the vineyard and, of course, taste some wine.

La Fromagerie du Vieux Moulin

La Fromagerie du Vieux Moulin cheese slow food liege belgium

This cheese producer works according to the Slow Food principle: Adequate room for the cow, a fair price for milk and barring lasts 1.5 hours. The cheese is allowed to ripen for four to six weeks for a soft cheese.

La Fromagerie du Vieux Moulin cheese herve

It takes about a month extra to make a spicy cheese. Production of cheese began since the 15th century in Herve and was the first A.O.C. cheese in Europe from Herve Land. There is also a biological variant.

Chocolate factory Darcis in Verviers

Darcis chocolate factory museum verviers liege

At the entrance of the chocolate museum, you are given three chocolates to enjoy during your visit. You smell and recommend the ingredients that are added to chocolates at the wall of saveurs. There is a boutique shop and a tasting room as well.

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