In the bakery you can buy bread (obviously), cookies and lovely cakes. In the lunchroom you can enjoy a coffee with homemade cake, and there is a choice in savoury pies, soup of the day or sandwich of the week.

Fermento is part of the Raphael foundation, an antroposophic foundation that helps adults with a mental disability in their development. The foundation has three locations in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. The bakery/lunchroom in the city centre, a bakery/shop on the Lindenlaan, and a mill along the Frieseweg.

The mill, ‘t Roode Hert, sells organic and bio-dynamic wheat and flour mixes. Weather permitting, the windmill operates five days a week. This means fresh milled flour for your own baking adventures. For details on when the mill is open you can check the website.

Sustainable produce
meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs, butter, cheese, juices, sustainably caught fish (rated one, and two, according to, coffee is organic and fairtrade, tea is organic, eco-friendly cleaning products