Update: It’s Goodbye from SAF Restaurant but a BIG Hello & Welcome from SAF Express. Check the website for updates.

SAF is an acronym for Simply Authentic Food and in Turkish the word saf means ‘Pure!’. We liked this place a lot! The kitchen is completely plant based and non-dairy with an absolute no meat and no wheat policy. They allow vegetarians, vegans, gluten avoiders and lactose intolerants to eat and drink without having to watch out for harmful ingredients. Everyone knows this group of customers is growing fast.

Pure Food Travel London SAF

The food is raw or cooked below 48 degrees using special techniques to preserve all the enzymes and nutrients. SAF promises you’ll feel as light as a feather both physically and spiritually after a meal. Located on the 1st floor in the Whole Foods Market at Kensington. safrestaurant.co.uk