Opatija is known as the cradle of Croatian wellness tourism. After a two-hour drive from Zagreb I arrived in Opatija.

opatija kvarner

The opening of hotel Villa Angiolina in the mid 19th century is regarded as the starting point of tourism in Opatija.

opatija villa angiolina

opatija kvarner hotel

In Opatija you feel the influence of many different countries in the architecture and cuisine. The city has been Austrian, Hungarian, and Italian. It is a favourite destination amongst wellness and relax tourists because of its central location and the proximity to Venice, which is just 250 kilometers away.

bistro yacht club opatija

A lovely dinner at Bistro Yacht Club with an assortment of fish and seafood from the region: cod, anchovis, prawns, and octopus. And my first taste of Istrian wine, a naturaly sparkling rose wine. Zivjeli, cheers!

istrian wine

I was not lucky with the weather. The temperature was very nice though, especially that of the sea which was still 23 degrees because of a hot summer. From the 5th floor of Remisens Premium Villa Ambassador I had a panoramic view.

opatija kvarner

An amazing start to your day: Jump into the sea (or the swimming pool) just before breakfast!

The island of Cres

cres ferry kvarner

cres ferry kvarner croatia

The ferry takes me to the beautiful island of Cres. Its flora and fauna are extraordinarily rich and the city of Cres, with its warm and hearty atmosphere, is definitely worth a visit.

cres honey kvarner

cres honey kvarner

Buy some food souvenirs, like herbal honey, to enjoy healthy delicacies at home. I attended a presentation and a tasting to learn more about Mozaiko extra virgin olive oil. No pesticides are used in the growing of the olives, so there is also none in the natural olive oil. And did you know that extra virgin olive oil is never heated above 28 degrees celsius?

cres kvarner croatia

Enjoy an amazing view and seafood lunch with grilled scampis at Restaurant Riva.

scampis restaurant riva cres kvarner croatia

The island of Losinj

veli losinj sea

When you cross the bridge on the south side of Cres, you will find yourself on the island of Losinj. The island is famous for its health and wellness tourism.

vitality hotel punta losinj

I stayed at Vitality Hotel Punta, surrounded by lavender, rosemary, and a stunning pool with sea view.

vitality hotel punta losinj

The hotel is great for health tourism because the air is still so pure and clean. The hotel employs a nutritionist who gives advice to guests and trains all the kitchen and restaurant staff on the subject of nutrition and allergies.

rosemary losinj

At Laurus Slow Spa I joined an aromatherapy workshop, learning which herbs and essential oils are best for a healthy skin.

aroma therapy laurus slow spa

I experienced the most amazing revitalising body massage from the lovely Boba at Hotel Punta. She uses pure Losinj herbal oils. She tells me that the secret to a great massage is 20% technique and 80% love, straight from the heart. She’s right. Thank you Boba!

vitality hotel punta losinj

veli losinj health

When staying at Hotel Punta take a walk, or run, to Mali Losinj. There is a 3 kilometer hiking trail along the seaside that leads you to Mali Losinj.

mali losinj

mali losinj

mali losinj

In Veli Losinj you can enjoy the harbour and its colourful buildings.

veli losinj

veli losinj

The island of Krk

vbrnik krk kvarner

The ferry brings me to the island of Krk where I enjoy a tasty octopus salad at Bar Volonsis in the city of Krk.

octopus salad

Wine maker Marinko Vladic in Vbrnik invented Valomet Champagne. What’s so special about his champagne? The sparkling wine, made of the local Zhlatina grape, is kept at the bottom of the sea for 5 to 8 years where it enjoys a constant temperature of 12 degrees. One bottle costs € 200.

valomet champagne

valomet champagne

Next up is a visit to Nada winery and their restaurant.

nada restaurant vbrnik

The lovely terrace is faced towards the beautiful colours of the Croatian waters. Up on the rooftop terrace we enjoyed olives, sheep cheese, seafood and Croatian wine.

nada restaurant vbrnik

nada restaurant vbrnik

This must be the best way to end my culinary and wellness trip to Croatia. Oh wait, there’s more: an amazing swim in the sea at sunset!

njivice sunset krk croatia kvarner

The island of Krk has an international airport and is connected to the mainland, so it’s easy to visit. The island has 1.300 different plant species of which many are herbs, making it a green oasis.

As a Pure! food and wellness destination Croatia is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. An unspoilt Mediterranean pearl!

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