The tastiest food comes from Scandinavia. We see that for years now with the trend of the Nordic cuisine. Pure, pure and pure. That defines the Scandinavian cuisine in 3 words. The best local ingredients in Skåne are prepared as natural as possible and presented without much fuss. Time for an update of pure and tasty local food spots in Malmö and the rest of Skåne, southern Sweden.

Hipster district Möllevangen

Malmö kombucha

Möllevangen is Malmö’s emerging hip multi-cultural neighbourhood. In this hipster neighbourhood you taste the new Nordic cuisine, which now is no longer so new, but still immensely popular. Not only in Sweden, throughout Scandinavia, and also in the rest of Europe, Nordic food is in fashion.

Specialty coffee

Kaffebaren på Möllan Malmö Malmo Skåne Skane

You start your day at KaffeBaren på Mollan, the shortened name for Möllevangen. I go for espresso, although the cappuccino is better for the photo. Tastes differ. I’m not a fan of the high acidity of the coffee, even though you’ll encounter it more often with specialty coffee.

Magnus Nilsson

Möllans Ost Malmö nordic cuisine Magnus Nilsson malmo nordic cuisine sweden

More than 250 varieties of cheese are put out there by Möllans Ost.

The third cheese in the picture comes from northern Sweden, where the famous chef Magnus Nilsson works at his well-known restaurant Faviken that ranks high on my wish list. The brown colour of the goat cheese, Getmese, is because of the caramelization of the long cooked milk. And that’s exactly what you taste in this creamy cheese, caramel.

Malmö Scandwich

Malmö Scandwich

Scandwich sells delicious ‘sandwiches’. Amazing colours! The taste is just so full of colours as it looks. Great with a local kombucha drink.

Vegan ice

Peter Svanberg Glasstroom Malmö malmo skane skåne

Peter Svanberg is the enthusiast entrepreneur behind Glasstronom. After many wanderings around the world, he wanted to establish something that is exactly right. And that means for him to make vegan ice cream with special taste combinations, such as ice cream with ‘stout’ beer, 71% dark chocolate and almonds.

Chocolate workshop

Cacaofoni Malmö chocolate fairtrade malmo town

Mmm … Are you like me, too crazy about chocolate? Tasty and responsible chocolate and chocolates you buy in Malmö at Cacaofoni.

Cacaofoni Malmö chocolate workshop fairtrade malmotown

I attended a chocolate workshop. First you make the filling. Then, it can be coated in (in this case, 70% pure) chocolate. Decorate as pure as possible without dyes, with whole pistachios or other toppings of your choice.

Malmö restaurant tip!

Looking for a tip to eat out Pure! In Malmo? Reserve a table at Far i hatten where chef Ulf Redelius prepares a delicious menu for you. I guarantee you will not regret it.

Restaurant Far i hatten Malmö malmo

The location is nice: In a cute wooden building in the middle of Malmö’s Folkets Park, the oldest ‘public park’ of Sweden. The restaurant is 80% certified organic. All wines are natural, and for those who do not already know. Natural wines are purer than organic wines because as little as possible is artificial.

Restaurant Far i hatten malmo

Tonight we eat a vegetarian menu. Except for an egg and goat cheese, the menu is almost vegan. And above all delicious! Perfect wine pairings, as the honey in the dish perfectly matches with the beet and the Pheasant’s Tears wine from Georgia.

Malmö hotel

We slept at The More Hotel where you have a spacious apartment with a kitchenette at your disposal. I do not recommend self-cooking with all those delicious temptations outside the door. It’s always a good opportunity to relax at your hotel room with a cup of tea.

The More Bistro Malmö

At the hotel you will find The More Bistro where you enjoy breakfast, and also lunch and dinner are served.

Hörte Brygga

We leave the city to explore Skane.

Hörte Brygga Malmö Malmo Skane Skåne restaurant

A picnic feeling is what you experience at Hörte Brygga. An appealing brunch basket full of delicacies is presented on the table: mostly vegetables, a tasty salad, numerous small glass jars filled with fermented vegetables (such as fennel and white cabbage) black bean salsa, tomato sauce and more. In the winter season enjoy a table d’hôte menu for up to 10 people.

Wine from Sweden?

Hällåkra Vingård wine sweden swedish wine organic

Yes, that’s right. Two years ago, I was at Hällåkra Vingård. In the meantime, Lotta and Håkan have not been idle because now they already produce about 7,000 bottles of wine per year. That’s still not a big production, but still decent when you consider that they have started as a hobby. Red, white, sweet and sparkling. From this year the wine will be certified organic, and they deliver one of their wines to restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen.

Dinner and overnight at Karlaby Kro

Karlaby Kro is a boutique hotel located in an idyllic countryside setting. The building reminds me of my trips to South Africa where I was staying at beautiful mansions in the Garden Route near Stellenbosch.

Karlaby Kro hotel restaurant skane skåne

‘Just onions’ is the name of the vegan entree, which stands for various preparations of onion. In this case, something more than just onions, because I want you guys to see a colourful picture. Chioggia beets and broccoli with it and you have an attractive dish. The wines are bio dynamic and sometimes vegan.

Chocolate factory


The goat cheese chocolate (left in photo) of chocolate factory, Österlenchoklad, is very special. It is a perfect combination of local goat cheese, covered with milk chocolate. Here, according to the bean-to bar philosophy, it is made from cocoa bean to form the chocolate bar.


All beans are directly sourced and mostly organic and fair trade. Not always certified, but that’s why owners, Ulrika and Fredrik visit the plantations themselves to be sure they are getting high quality.

Organic herbs

Österlenkryddor organic herbs skane skåne

Anders and Cherztin are the proud and hospitable people behind the pure herbs of Österlenkryddor. The herbs are dried inside because they retain their optimum odour, taste and colour. Soon, all tasty and healthy products they sell in their shop will be organic.

Crazy about horses

Gastro Gaspari Flyinge restaurant

Restaurant Gastro Gaspari, located in an old horse stable, opened its doors 9 months ago. The village, Flyinge, is known as a mecca for horse lovers.

Gastro Gaspari loft Flyinge hotel skane skåne luxury hotel

It’s possible to stay overnight at the adjacent beautiful loft.

Foodie tour in Lund

mat destillat lund

Two years ago, I discovered delightful foodie spots in the cosy university town of Lund. Time to go back for an update of local, organic, fair trade, vegetarian and tasty hotspots.

Without gluten and lactose

At Rosie’s Cakes & Tea, all food and drinks are gluten- and lactose-free. No cream, but whipped almond milk. That’s even tastier! The coffee is organic, like many of the other ingredients.

Rosie’s Cakes & Tea Lund

The interior in the basement is surprising, precisely because it is so different from everything in black and white tones at the entrance.

Flavours from Skåne

Petersborgs Gårdsbutik Saluhallen Lund

In Saluhallen, the foodhall of Lund, Peter Borgs Gårdsbutik sells tasty local produce. In addition to their own manufactured mustard, regional food can be found here, like jams, honey, oil, spices and much more from Skane.


Fika at Patisseriet in Lund Skane Skåne

A visit to Sweden is not complete without fika, coffee or tea with a sweet delicacy. This time at Patisseriet in Lund.

Organic at the supermarket

ICA organic food Sweden

I always like to see how organic and local produce are presented abroad. At ICA, a Swedish supermarket chain, organic is presented with cheerful colours and hearts. Nice!

Skåne, even more tips!

prastasvangen hven

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Hope Bar Copenhagen vegan plantbased organic food restaurant

Combine your trip to Malmö with a visit to Copenhagen.

hermans stockholm

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