Next week Pure! Food & Travel discovers Porto & North of Portugal. As a wine lover, I’m excited about the Douro wine. The theme of this culinary trip: Great Wine Capitals. Porto and the North of Portugal have four World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: the historical city of Porto, the historical city of Guimarães, the Foz Côa Art Valley and the Douro valley.

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There are a thousand years of history to recreate in the ancient cities, the busy streets, the walls of the heritage and the traditions of the people.

Douro wine

Douro valley was, in 1756, the first demarcated and regulated wine region in the world. The wild slopes of the valley transformed themselves through the work of generations, in terraces, to plant the vines that produce the famous Port, excellent DOC Douro wine, sparkling wine and Muscat.

douro wine Douro Valley wine food travel blog Portugal wine wines


The gastronomy from the North is rich, healthy and exclusive. The wines of the region are unique aromatic and surprising.

Source: Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau

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